NetApp cDOT ssh key config via CLI

Double Black DiamondI had posted prior on how to configure SSH keys on 7-mode.  I’ve been remiss on getting the SSH keys for cDOT (NetApp’s clustered Data OnTap).

Before I get to the steps, let me list the assumptions:

  1. The steps below will be for a non-root user
  2. Root/Administrator privs are available to the user who is setting this up.
  3. The SSH key for the non-root user has already been generated on the client system.
  4. The SSH key can be done with a copy/paste from something reading the file (e.g. xterm or notepad) into a shell window with the CLI login into the filer (e.g. xterm or puTTY)

The methodology is fairly simple (provided one has the admin privs):

  1. Login into filer via CLI with appropriate privileges.
  2. # go to the security/login section
    • login
  3. # allow for ssh for the user
    • create -username <username> -application ssh -authmethod publickey
  4. # enter the public key
    • create -username <username> -publickey "ssh-rsa <public-key> <username>@<ssh client hostname>"

Jim – 09/29/14


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