Communicating Company Vision

Green BallOne of my top takeaways from business school, was not specifically from one of my MBA classes, but from an article I read related to the study of Apple. Former CEO, John Sculley, clearly and succinctly articulated what type of company Apple was/is. —
“Apple is a designers company, not an engineers company.”

It is important that the executives of a company know who they are and that it can be easily consumed by the employees. This allows everyone to know who they are and can be aligned on company direction.

This week listening to NetApp CEO Tom Georgens at their partner conference, he gave a fantastic speech. (I tend not to be enamored with CEO speeches, but this was impressive enough to justifies a blog post)

He stated what NetApp is as a company. He continued on what is important to the company to drive stock price. On top of that, stated what is important to NetApp’s customers. Then, identified what was required by NetApp to meet those needs.

What was great about this speech, is that employees and partners heard – who they are, what their customers need, how they are going to meet those needs, and how that will drive stock price. The speech heavy with detail, reinforced the points above and potentially overshadowed those key points- but the simplicity of those points was key.

Jim – 10/08/13

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